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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.    ~ Carl Jung


Psychodynamic Therapy

5 Fast Facts about Psychodynamic Therapy

Dr. Brene Brown on Empathy

Dr. Gabor Mate on Authenticity Vs Attachment

The eternal human conflict between the two basic needs.

The Attachment Theory - How Childhood Affects Life

The attachment theory argues that a strong emotional and physical bond to one primary caregiver in our first years of life is critical to our development. If our bonding is strong and we are securely attached, then we feel safe to explore the world. If our bond is weak, we feel insecurely attached. We are afraid to leave or explore a rather scary-looking world. Our early experiences create a template for our relating later in life.

3-minute Mindful Breathing Meditation (Relieve Stress)

An exercise to increase your mindfulness and assist in emotional regulation.

A Monster Calls Quotes

I am grateful to a client of mine who introduced me to this deep and emotional story of healing. A strong recommendation for those interested in the hidden depths and complexities of the human psyche.


Chicago Community Resources Booklet

(by Jasmina Bourgeois, Aug 2018)

Your quick guide to community services in Chicago

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