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You have taken your first step towards a happier life.

Hello, you! You, who have been wondering if there is more to life than this, if there is another way to be in the world and to approach life challenges. Perhaps it feels as if you are being carried by the life's powerful and untamable rapids with no say about it whatsoever. Or you may feel like you're living the Groundhog Day - the same old experiences over again, the same dead-end. It is hard feeling stuck when the old ways of navigating emotional landscapes and important relationships fail us and leave us in distress. You want change, but change is scary. Seeking help with something as intimate as one’s inner life is even scarier, so it is very important to find a person with whom you feel understood, whom you can trust.

And yet, you've taken this first bold step! It would be my honor and privilege to accompany you and provide you support on this journey of inner revolution. Together, in a warm, compassionate and judgment-free environment, let us explore and come to understand the hidden sources of your suffering, troubling symptoms or unhelpful behaviors. Together, we will open the door to your potential and help you achieve a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment. 

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What I offer

I assist adults with:

Trauma and PTSD



Relationship problems




Emotional containment

Attachment issues

Invasive or troubling thoughts

Sexual identity

Gender identity


Life transitions and adjustments


Addictive behaviors

Providing virtual therapy in the state of IL.

Sessions in English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin available. 

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How does it work:

The therapeutic process is a joint endeavor, the one we take at a pace that feels right for you. None of us goes through this life unscathed, and naturally, we develop certain self-protective patterns and hide parts of ourselves in order to minimize the pain. I will hold the space for the totality of you to be expressed and heard, so that it can be accepted and reintegrated. Sharing the truth of you with a trustworthy other will alleviate your distress. As we process the feelings, thoughts and experiences that are causing you distress, we will come to understand how these ways of being in the world and relating to self and others have come to be. As you become more aware of why you are the way you are and how your innermost self has had to adapt to the environment, a new sense of freedom and authenticity will arise from these realizations. I will help you reconnect with a newfound awareness to the parts of yourself that have been pushed away so that you may feel whole.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment:

Phone: (773) 232-7005

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