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What to expect?

What to expect: FAQ

This is my first time seeking therapy. What do I need to know?

First off, congratulations on taking that first step! 
When seeking the right type of therapy and the right therapist for oneself, one needs to know that not every approach works equally well for everyone, and that not every therapist is a good fit for every client. The therapist's personality and style should match your personality and needs. Therefore, giving it a few sessions to feel it all out should enable you to make the right choice for yourself . There is a good therapist out there for everyone, so don't feel discouraged if during the first try you don't find the right person.

How long does therapy last and when will I start feeling better?

The duration of therapy depends on the type and the severity of the issues that brought you to the treatment, and on what works best for you. As this type of therapy aims to bring about deep and long-lasting psychological changes, not by dealing with the symptoms, but by focusing on the transformation of the underlying mechanisms that fuel the distressing symptoms, it does take some time to uncover these mechanisms and work through the old ways. The goal is not to simply put a band-aid on the wound, but to get to the bottom of it and heal it entirely.

The feelings of betterment are expected to arise as you start feeling safe with your therapist and feel supported in sharing these intimate parts of yourself. As the treatment progresses and we go deeper and touch on the painful stuff, sometimes it may feel like things are getting worse, as we allow the unprocessed pain to be acknowledged, processed and understood.

How often would we meet?

This, like the duration of the therapy itself is dependent on the severity of the issues that brought you here. It is an arrangement that we would arrive at together. I recommend meeting not less than once a week as this allows for the process to take off and deepen, and therefore lead to better results.

Do you give a lot of advice? Will you teach me skills?

It is natural and expectable to want to know how to make it all feel better. The therapeutic approach I offer relies on the philosophy that only you really know what is best for you. My role is to help you arrive at this inner knowledge. Therefore, I will not be offering a lot of advice. I do implement some mindfulness based techniques in my work that you can practice when outside of sessions, but this is an addition to the regular sessions, not the main focus.

You offer online/virtual counseling?

Yes, virtual sessions are provided via HIPAA compliant video platform Simple Practice.

Do you take insurance?

Yes. Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Choice, and Blue Cross Community Health Plans (BCBS Medicaid).

What of confidentiality?

The conversations between you and your therapist are kept private and confidential with only a few exceptions where the law mandates it. The situations in which you or another person are under imminent threat require us to break the confidentiality in order to ensure the safety of those involved.

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